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I am a spanish Musician, Composer, Musical Producer, and Founding member of Original Music Store

I compose music for Videogames, Advertising, and Projects that need Original Music.

Here, you can know about my musical works. I hope you like it.
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My Music

Point of view
Genre: rock
Year: 2013
Duration: 50 min.
Track list: 1-Intro - Farewell(3:28) 2-Point of view(7:50) 3-C.M.B.(6:52) 4-Long Time Without You(5:27) 5-Distant Shadows(4:22) 6-Six String Theory(4:42) 7-Memories Of Tomorrow(5:30) 8-Just Between Us(4:36) 9-I Miss You(4:21) 10-Perpetuum Mobile(3:02)
* Buy it now on digital support (mp3) for only 9,95 euros.

The Electro Zone
Genre: electronic music
Year: 2013
Duration: 57 min.
Track list: 1-The Electro Zone(28:02) 2-Pulse Of Life(4:58) 3-Going Beyond(6:02) 4-Last Chance(4:12) 5-Prosecution(5:18) 6-Dreaming Of You(4:32) 7-Starlight(4:03)
* Buy it now on digital support (mp3) for only 9,95 euros.

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